First and primarily, a death mask is to be made with haste, to be hung over the headboard of whomever is most responsible for my death, as determined by method of approval voting. After this, my body is to be put on public display at the morgue in which it resides, and an admission fee of no more than $2.50 per head is to be charged, and my body will remain in this state until such a time that the morticians should find the aroma intolerable. At this point my body will be cremated, ideally in some sort of oven-like device. My funeral is to be conducted in a timely manner by a square-jawed Roman Catholic known for his impressive sideburns, and pizza and laudanum and ice cream are to be provided to the party guests. My ashes are to be mixed into an ink with which a sizable quantity of passable counterfeit currency is to be produced, in low denominations. Including this, the remains of my estate are to be divided in the following manner, with the primary division going to the watchmakers, and a lesser division going to the typesetters, and so on and so forth in that fashion. The exceptions to this process are my lockbox and my keys, which will not be divided amongst the party-goers and will instead be shot into space at earliest convenience.