I saw that our planet, our galaxy, and indeed our entire universe was nothing more than a cosmic surfer on an amber wave of psionic light cascading from the godhead, and immediately understood that we are all entirely different universes experiencing themselves together and all at once. At the time, I was drinking ginger ale. The vast cosmic expanse of nothingness called out to me in terror, and I called back to it, and told it there was nothing to be afraid of because fear is a construct of the human psyche. The basic mathematical formula present at the creation of the multiverse stabilized into a single line, both parallel and perpendicular to itself in the infinite non-euclidean space of the mind. And at that moment I understood that I was like a leaf which had furled back into the seed from which I was birthed, an impossible cosmic regression into the primordial state of the universe from which all possible universes diverged. Then I vomited into my wastebasket and took a nap.